Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Gotta Touch It" Baby Blanket


I just finished making this super-soft baby blanket. I designed it using all chunky yarns that are machine washable and dryable. I just can't keep my hands off it! I'm sure the baby will enjoy touching it too.

Sandy's "Gotta Touch It" Baby Blanket
Gauge: About 2-3 stitches per inch. (Chunky yarns)
Finished Measurements of Blanket: About 36 inches square.

Yarns: (you can substitute any color combination you like)
Color A - 1 skein Red Heart Bright and Lofty – Beach
Color B - 1 skein Lion Brand Velvetspun - White
Color C - 1 skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick – Pine 182
Color D - 1 skein Lion Brand Velvetspun - Light Blue ("Bluebell")

U.S. Size 13 circular needles (21 inches long)

Start by casting on about 50 stitches.
Knit every row, with this color plan:
20 rows Color A
10 rows Color B
10 rows Color C
10 rows Color D
6 rows Color A
10 rows Color D
10 rows Color C
10 rows Color B
20 rows Color A

If you want, you can add a border of single or half-double crochet all around with one of the yarns. (I used the Wool-Ease Thick & Quick for my half-double crochet border.)

Beautiful, Fast and Fun to Touch!

Here is a view of the blanket, before weaving in the ends and adding a border:
Gotta Touch It Baby Blanket, No Border Yet

And here is a close-up of my half-double crochet border:
Gotta Touch It Baby Blanket - Border Edge


Nimmie said...

The blanket is beautiful! And it does look so very pettable!

Becka said...

Your blankie looks so soft and comfy! Thanks for sharing the pattern.

Shandeh said...

Thanks, my friends! I really enjoyed making the blanket. It was so fast to make, and felt divine!

Anonymous said...

did you knit this on circular needles?

cool blanket!!!!

Shandeh said...

Yes, it was knit on circular needles. It says that in the pattern above.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I printed out your pattern and I'm using it to make some baby blankets for a shower this weekend. But I came back to the site to see how large this blanket is and I don't see a measurement, can you tell me the dimensions? Thanks so much!

Shandeh said...

I wish I could tell you!

I'm such a BAD girl! I forgot to measure it before I gave it away.


If I remember correctly, it was about 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall.

Anonymous said...

i am just a begginer....i am only 12 and i need some more great ideas for my 1 year old cousin.... can u help thnx

Shandeh said...

Hello anonymous....

You'll be able to find LOTS of easy patterns by looking through the patterns at

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am 11 and I don't know how to read those funkey #s and I dont know how to make a roe can you tell me?

Shandeh said...

It sounds like you need to start from the beginning, my friend.

Check out the "Knitting Help" website. There are lots of free instruction videos there you can watch.

CRM said...

i have never knit a blanket with circular needles - only hats. how does that work?

Shandeh said...

You just turn the knitting around, and knit back the other way. You don't join it in the round. It's just an easier way to knit an afghan, instead of cramming all the stitches together on one needle at a time.

Michelle said...

I am very new to knitting and so far have only been taught to garter stitch so it looks like i could do this blanket. I am just wondering why only 50 stitches are needed, every other pattern I find for baby blankets is at leat 120 stitches. Are you sure that 50 is enough?


Shandeh said...

This blanket only has 50 stitches cast on, because the yarn is very thick. It is classified as bulky yarn.

Crystal said...

I would love to make this but I don't crochet. How else can I make the border? I'm a novice knitter and haven't picked up my needles in about three years...

Shandeh said...

You could get a friend who crochets to add the border for you. Or you could sew a border of soft satiny cloth around the edges. Or, you could use the book "Knitting on the Edge" to get some ideas. Good luck!

Unknown said...

Oh boy, I see what you mean about the circular needles being easier to use. Thanks for the advice!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sandy for such a great pattern and sharing it. I just finished a pink version and can't wait to give it at the baby shower.

Shandeh said...

Heidi, your blanket is beautiful!

ChickenLittle said...

thanks, sandy. as a 50 year old who is just now picking up the needles, i am surprised and delighted that there is such a network of dedicated knitters out there with whom to chat, share, and support one another. i am working on a couple of different baby blankets with Takumi 13 9mm clover needles because working with wooden needles just seemed kind of earthy-cool, and cast-on about 22 stitches, then knit about a yard. Then I choose another color and match it. I haven't figured out how to join them but I'm sure I will. I will have to pluck up the courage to try circular needles; i'm sure they are not so difficult as they seem. this knitting is sooo relaxing... and making baby blankets is very satisfying - thanks again, Knit-Wit.

Shandeh said...

Hi Knit Wit! Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting. :)

It really is a great hobby.

To make the stripes on the baby blanket pattern, you just quit knitting with the first color yarn, cut that yarn, and start knitting with a different color on the next row. It will be connected automatically.

Anonymous said...

hi i have a question i m a beginner at knitting so don't know much about this. this is done in all knit stitch right? and a question about circular needles it has to be size 13 right, doesn't matter if it's 29" long, can be 21" or + ???
by the way i really love this blanket, i am planning on making one.

Shandeh said...

Hi there!

Yes - the blanket is done in all knit stitches.

The circular needles just need to be long enough to hold all the stitches. 21 stitches should be long enough, but less than that will probably not be long enough.

Anonymous said...

what size crochet hook did u used for border?

Shandeh said...

Good question! I think I used a size N (9 mm) hook. It's the largest metal crochet hook in my stash. I'm a tight crocheter, so if you crochet loosely, you'll want to use a smaller hook.

Anna Q said...

Is there a pattern for the matching hat on the doll?
- Anna

Shandeh said...

Hi Anna,

The hat was made from a free pattern on the Lion Brand website. Just look for the Lion Velvetspun yarn on their website, and look at the free knitting patterns for that yarn. You'll find the pattern there.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blanket. a quick knit which is fun to do.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking if you did a seed stitch on the bottom say 20 rows and then continued it on the first 5 stitches and the last 5 stitches of each row that might do away with needing a border. Of course you would also end with the seed stitch on the last 20 rows or your blanket. The seed stitch is knit 1
purl 1 starting with knit and ending with knit. Idea for those like me who do not know how to crochet.
Looks so pretty going to try to make one for my grandson who is due in December.

Shandeh said...

A border is not necessary, since it's all in garter stitch, but I think the crochet border in a single color makes it look better.

Anonymous said...

hi, love this. going to startoff but i have a uestion about yarn . is ur light blue valvetspun same as bluebell? because i cant find light blue.

Anonymous said...

how many skiens of each color is required to knit this?

Shandeh said...

You'll need one skein of each color yarn to make the blanket.

And yes, the actual name of the yarn color is "Bluebell".

AA said...

questions from a beginner, please help:

you just used circular cable to hold the project right. when row is complete u simply switched the needles and kept working. right ?

how did you weave the ends?

how to make a double crochet border. is there a technique when u reach the corners of the blanket. because i heard there is a cleaner way to crochet border when you reach the corners. is there any demonstration video that can explain?

Shandeh said...

Hello there!

Yes - I used the circular needle just to hold the blanket, because it's too wide for a long straight needle. At the end of each row, just turn the entire blanket around and knit from the other end.

To weave in the ends, just run the yarn through the edges, so they can be covered up with the crochet border.

I used a HALF Double crochet border on the blanket, and just did two chain stitches at each corner.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I love your blanket but I just found out that red heart discontinued the bright and lofty yarn, I was wondering would you know of any other yarns that would match the color and thickness, that would be helpful

Shandeh said...

Just look for yarns that work to the same gauge. (about 2 stitches per inch)

Red Heart "Light & Lofty" or "Baby Clouds" will work instead of the "Bright and Lofty".

Bernat's new "Baby Blanket" yarn is the right gauge, and feels very soft and cushy. It would make a nice substitute for the Lion "Velvetspun".

Anonymous said...

How would you recommend weaving in the ends if I do not add a border? I have weaved ends in on scarfs before, but sooner or later they always seem to pop out of a few holes and then I have about 2 inches of the end sticking out from the scarf. Thanks so much for the help and the pattern!

Shandeh said...

The border really does make a big difference, and is recommended. That's why it's part of the pattern.

If you want to leave the border off, it will change the look of the design.

These thick yarns make it difficult to keep the ends worked in sometimes, especially if it's a chenille yarn. Just work them in the best you can, then if you want, you can stitch the very end in even tighter with a sewing needle and thread. This should keep it from coming loose in the wash.