Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas 2006

I was SO blessed this year by our church musical. I had mentioned to the choir director that I really love "The Winter Rose" by Joseph Martin. He listened to me play some parts of it, and decided to do it! I was SO pleased. That work is absolutely gorgeous. The last time I performed it was in the year 2000 at Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church with Lisa Bremner as the director. It has such beautiful melodies and is very well written. It is so satisfying to play at the piano.

The choir loved it as soon as they heard it, and we practiced the work for 3 months. A string quartet was hired, as well as flute and oboe. Our director, Todd Henry also brought in a guest organist to help with quietly supporting choir parts. I gladly performed at the grand piano, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The choir did an excellent job. Our performance was superb, and the congregation was enthralled. I've never heard more comments from them before. It was perfect. :)

After all the church music was finished, I had a nice, relaxing Christmas at home. On Christmas Eve, my sweet hubby drove to visit his parents and kids without me, because I'm allergic to their cats. (His parents have four, and his kids have at least one.) I decided to visit my parents the same day.

So, since our family visits were over, we decided to stay home for Christmas Day. We slept until about 11:30, then I got a phone call from my son Noah. He wanted to come and bring our Christmas gifts. So, I hung up the phone, and rested for a few minutes. I was just about to get out of bed, when the doorbell rang. (3 rings in rapid succession. Then 3 MORE rings in rapid succession. Then repeated BANGING on the door.) What an impatient son I have! :P

I jumped out of bed, threw on a housecoat, and went to the door, while I heard Marvin groaning and throwing on some clothes behind me. (Merry Christmas!)

After letting Noah in, we sat in the living room, and opened our gifts. He gave me a Starbucks gift card, and Marvin got some baseball cards. While they opened the packs and looked through the cards, I went to throw on some clothes. We sat around talking for a while, and Marvin invited him to have breakfast with us. So, Noah went to pick up his girlfriend and their new puppy Oreo, and I got to work making breakfast.

I made country ham, eggs, biscuits, coffee, juice, and Pillsbury Grands cinnamon rolls. (The Cinnabon version - YUM!)

Marvin and I waited for a while, then decided to go ahead and eat without them. (They are still young, so they tend to be late everywhere they go.) When they finally arrived, we played with their dog while they had their breakfast. Then we all sat around talking in the living room again. We had a good time. :)

In the afternoon, they said that they would like to go see a movie, and asked if we could watch the puppy for them. We agreed, and they ended up staying out for quite a while! (They finally came back to get him after 10 PM. :P) It wasn't that bad, because their puppy is a real sweetie. "Oreo" is his name, because of his black and white coloring, and he is a mixed breed of Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, and something else. (can't remember) He is full of energy and so CUTE! He didn't have any toys with him, so I knit a little tug toy for him, and he LOVED it! :D

I took some videos of him.
He was fun, but I soon started wheezing and having trouble breathing. Bummer. :(

It sure would be nice if I could have a pet that didn't make me sick. Life just isn't fair.

On a happier note, I got lots of fun gifts this year. My church choir, and the men's quartet each gave me some very much needed Christmas money! :) We also had some really nice dinners. My piano students gave me gift cards, Sim City 4, chocolates, and some sweet trinkets. Friends at church gave me pretty ornaments, christmas treats, a kitchen gadget, and a candle. My parents gave me a Target gift card. My oldest son, Josh, did the same. Noah gave me the Starbucks gift card. And Marvin's kids gave me some candles.

My hubby Marvin gave me some sweet, fun gifts: The Sims 2 Holiday Edition, Animal Crossing for Nintendo DS (I'll get the system for my birthday), and Season 4 of Columbo.

So, now I'm home alone again. Whew! All that holiday socialization took it's toll on me. I'm pooped, and I've caught a cold. :( I guess I'd better stay inside and recuperate now.

Hey, I know! I'll KNIT! :D