Saturday, March 31, 2007

Confetti with Blue Merino

Confetti with Blue Merino, originally uploaded by Unkoine.

I did a spinning demonstration today at Cottage Yarn in Mint Hill. While I was there, I worked on spinning some "confetti wool" roving I got on eBay from Copper Moose Productions.

I'm VERY pleased with the results. I spun two singles, then plied them together to make this pretty yarn.

The photo shows the confetti yarn, along with some deep blue merino yarn I made earlier this month.

I'm finally getting this spinning thing! :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Winnie the Pooh Dress

Winnie the Pooh Dress, originally uploaded by Unkoine.

This morning, I started working on this little dress for our grandaughter. I used some Winnie the Pooh fabric I found at Walmart, and NewLook pattern 6578. It only took a few hours to make, and now it looks so cute! I added some bright red heart-shaped buttons to add just the right finishing touch.

Winnie the Pooh Dress Finished

Here's a closer view of the buttons:
Winnie the Pooh Dress with Heart Buttons

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dora Explorer Top Shorts Finished!!

Yay! I finished sewing the Dora Explorer top and shorts for our granddaughter Hailey. She LOVES Dora the Explorer, so she should be a happy girl when she gets this. :)

I used Butterick pattern B4776

It was quick and fun.

I changed one thing, though. The directions called for making button holes on the straps, and sewing buttons inside the flap on the front of the top. I didn't want to do that, because then, you wouldn't be able to change how long the straps are. I like it better this way, because if she needs more or less room with the straps, all you have to do is move the button.

Plus, I really like the "Ritz Cracker" buttons I found, and I want them to be seen!
Dora Explorer Cracker Buttons