Monday, August 31, 2009

My New Cell - Verizon Blitz

I've been having trouble with my cell phone, because it hurts to text. It's a very simple phone, with no bells or whistles. So, I was having to click buttons several times just to get one letter typed for texting.

I have arthritis, and my cell phone was just making it worse.

So, my hubby decided to try to find a better phone for me. He's such a sweetie.

We were out on a date night at our local mall, and he said, "Let's go look at the phones at Verizon." We already have an account with them, so they were quick to help us.

I didn't like the look or feel of ANY of the phones on display, so I kept asking to see more. The sales rep brought out 3 other phones from a cabinet in the back of the store.

After looking at all three of them, I decided to go with the Verizon Blitz. Easy to use, and it has a full keyboard for texting. The phone is very small - about the size of a make-up compact.
Blitz Phone

The cover slides open easily to reveal the texting keyboard.
Blitz Opened

This little phone is just right for my arthritic hands. The buttons are easy to push. So long old phone!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sick at Home :(

Bummer. I'm sick again.
I'm so sick of being sick. I just seem to catch EVERYTHING now that I'm in my 40's.

It's probably because I teach piano to my students in their homes. I'm exposing myself to different germs several times a day. You'd think that it would make me build up an immunity to different sicknesses, but it seems to work in reverse in my case.

Anyway, I always get sick when school starts back again. All my piano students are back in town, and I have several lessons a day again. So, I'm hoping that I will work this sickness out of my system quickly, and be back to normal.

I have a fever, sore throat, backache, headache, achy joints, and exhaustion. I've been taking the Walmart brand of Effervescent Cold medicine, just like Alka Seltzer Plus. It helps me rest, and makes me feel better immediately after taking it.

I slept most of the day today, and was only able to knit a few rows before collapsing. It's been a good day for the internet though. :D