Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Service at Church 2009

This morning was our annual Christmas celebration at church. Our big choir musical was last week, and this week was very laid back in comparison. But still lovely.

Our impromptu Memorial Band did a great job of performing the prelude and hymns.
Memorial Band 2009

I snapped this photo before rehearsal to get a shot of my former high school band director (on the left). I think it's so cool that he attends my church.
Memorial Band Members Preparing 2009

We also had a piano/trumpet duet for the offertory today. So nice to have them as a part of the service.
Piano Trumpet Christmas 2009

Our sanctuary was decorated very nicely.

Here are the poinsettias at the windows:
Poinsettia Window 2009

Our Chrismon Tree:
Chrismon Tree 2009

And here's a view of the back of the church:
Back of Church 2009

It helps to put us in a nice Christmas spirit to see our church dressed up so well. :)