Friday, September 25, 2009

Stuck in Bed with a Bad Back

This week has been such a drag. Somehow, I hurt my back....can't figure out how.
Anyway.....I've been laying in bed on an ice pack for 6 days now, and the pain is just as bad. I have only been able to teach a couple piano lessons this week, so no money for me! :(

So, today I finally went to the doctor. Yeah, I took me too long to make that decision. The appointment went fine, and the doctor gave me 3 prescriptions. Pain, Muscle Relaxer, and Steroid. I dropped off the prescriptions at the pharmacy, then picked up something to eat at KFC (chicken pot pie). I also got a cone of ice cream at a local ice cream shop, since I was a good girl, taking myself to the doctor. Ha! (Mint Chocolate Chip in a sugar cone - YUM!)

After picking up my prescriptions at the pharmacy, I drove straight home, and carried in everything. That was a lot of work, since my back was still hurting.

Ah...finally home. But I couldn't rest yet. Still had to figure out all these medications. Of course, none of them have the same time schedule. I went ahead and took the first dose, then carried the bottles down the hall to my bed. I then grabbed my little laptop computer, placed it on the bed, and settled myself in. After considering all the prescriptions, I decided to make an Excel spreadsheet to help me keep track of my dosage schedule. It took a few minutes to get it all sorted out. I color coded the spreadsheet, then marked the bottles using 3 different colored markers. When I finally finished that little task, I settled down for a LONG NAP.

After 8 hours of glorious, painless sleep, I was finally rested. I think it was the first time I've actually had a deep sleep in 10 days. Wonderful....sweet rest.

My back is still hurting, but not as bad as it was. Now, I'm waiting for my hubby to get home from work. He's bringing dinner from Captain D's. After I eat, I'll take another dose of medicine, and hit the sack again.

I have to play piano for a wedding tomorrow, so I'm going to get as much rest as I can now. I'll probably have to skip a dose of medication tomorrow, so I can make it through the service without falling asleep. Ha!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He's B A C K........

Today, I needed to run some errands, so I grabbed my purse, and some other things, to carry them to the car. After opening the kitchen door, I was promptly accosted by the same black cat I saw a couple weeks ago. He was demanding food again. The nerve!!

So, I made sure I pulled the door shut so he wouldn't go into my house, then carried my stuff to the car. He must have thought I was coming out to feed him, because he quickly walked straight to the food dish I had placed outside for him on that earlier day. (Yes....I must admit I didn't bring it back in yet.)

I rolled my eyes, and announced to him that I am NOT his owner, so he can't expect me to feed him. I mean....REALLY...he can't just prance back into my life and demand my servitude. Unbelievable! Reminds me of some other male interactions in my past.

This time, I wanted to snap a photo of him, so I could PROVE that he is real. (One of my friends said that I must have imagined this cat - and likened me to Alice in Wonderland, with a "cheshire cat".) Ha!

Well, here you go, my friend. PROOF that it's a real cat.

Here he is defiantly claiming that he is my cat, and demanding food:
Black Cat

And here he is sniffing the bushes by my house, trying to charm me into thinking he's a gentle cat.
Black Cat Sniffing Bushes

Once again, showing his "true" nature, demanding attention and food with a wicked, cold stare.
Black Cat - The STARE

I'm not breaking down this time. I know his game now. He's not starving, and he hasn't lost his way. He's just out to take advantage of me again.....MEN!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Homemade Waffles

I have some nice buttermilk in our fridge today, so this morning, I decided to make some homemade waffles. I grabbed my 1974 Betty Crocker Cookbook, and turned to the recipe.

It called for two cups of flour, and I decided to substitute one cup with whole wheat flour.

They turned out very nice!
Homemade Waffles

My hubby took the first bite, and said, "These are MUCH better than the ones at Waffle House!"

What a sweetie..... :D

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Unintentional Cat Owner

For the past week, there has been a black cat continually greeting me at my driveway when I come home. He acts like I'm supposed to be his owner or something. "Fusses" at me for not letting him in the house. I speak to him, and say, "Listen, I'm not your owner, and I'm allergic to you anyway. Go home."

But, he has persisted. This morning at 5 AM, when my hubby was leaving, the cat was there. My hubby said, "Whose cat is that?" I replied, "I think it's ours now." Anyway, it was time for me to sleep, because I had been up knitting all night. So, I said goodbye to my hubby, turned off all the lights, and went to bed.

When I woke at about noon, I looked outside, and the cat was sitting on the steps, staring up at me. Unbelievable.I had my lunch, got dressed, then put my stuff in the car for piano lessons. Then, I heard a little "meow". I walked to the mailbox, and carried the mail to my car, and heard the "meow" again. I looked all around, and finally found the cat sitting on our ROOF! I looked up at him and said, "I don't know how you got up there, but I can't deal with you right now. Besides, you don't even live here!" And I left to go to teach piano lessons.

I got back home at about 7:30, and was promptly greeted by an irate cat. I very clearly said to him, "Listen're not my cat!" He ignored me of course. So, I went in the house and put down all my stuff. The cat was staring at me through the door, meowing loudly. I figured that he must be hungry. So, I opened a can of tuna, put it in a small bowl, and carried it outside, placing it on the edge of the driveway. The cat POUNCED on it, and quickly devoured it all. Poor thing. I wonder where he came from?

Anyway, I walked outside after a while, and rinsed out the bowl. Then just stood there, looking around the neighborhood, looking to see if anyone would come and claim this cat. No such luck. The cat is VERY friendly, and was rubbing up against my legs, stretching up to touch my hands occasionally. I didn't pet him, because I'm allergic, you know.

I looked online, and didn't find any mention of a lost black and white cat in my area. He's really a gorgeous cat. Tall and regal looking. Shiny black fur, white face and neck and paws. Pretty. He still has claws too, so he can protect himself outside. (I noticed the claws when he stretched up my leg.)

I wonder where he came from?