Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Noisy Neighbor

My neighbor is always very loud and annoying. His porch is just beside my bedroom window.

Well, as some of you know, I had a hysterectomy recently, and I'm still stuck at home recuperating. I can't do any lifting or housework because of the stitches all across my belly.

Yesterday morning, my hubby left for work, and left our bedroom window open so I could enjoy the nice spring breeze all day. It was wonderful....until my neighbor got home. The loud engine, the loud rap music on the radio....my blood beginning to boil.....and then some FRIENDS show up in his driveway.

They were all out there talking as loud as possible, using very course language, and telling really raunchy jokes. I was fed up, so I tried to close the window, but of course I didn't have the strength. After looking around the room and considering my options, I grabbed one of my Charlotte Church CDs. She can sing as high, clear and pure as a bird, you know. I put on the CD and turned up the volume as loud as I could stand.

It was hilarious! I think they all must have stood there with their eyes open wide, thinking, "What the...?" They decided to go inside to continue their "discussion". Smugly, I turned down the volume and got back in bed to continue my knitting, while enjoying the rest of the CD.

Charlotte Church is my GOOD friend now.


Sandy said...

How priceless! Good idea..you go girl! Have had neighbors just like that myself. That's one of advantages of living in an RV..if you don't like your neighbor..you can move!

Hope the re-coop time is going as planned.

BTW..the pink F and F blanket is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! My hat off to you for tackling that project.

Sandy in COLD Colorado! If I ever get back to warm Texas..I'm not budging for a long time.

unkoine said...

Nice to meet you, my friend!