Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sewing for a Friend

A friend of mine from the Knitting Help Forum asked if I could sew a dress for her granddaughter. She chose a pattern from my collection, and specified the type of fabric she wanted. I took my time choosing the fabric, because I wanted it to be just right.

Then, I started sewing. It took a while, because I am a slow worker. I just want things to be right, you know?

I'm always careful to press open each seam as I sew it. I handsew certain parts, just to make it correct. And I read the directions WAY too many times....always afraid that I'll miss something.

I was a bit frustrated with this particular pattern, because they made a mistake in the bodice instructions. At the end, I had to rip out a couple seams and re-do them properly. If I didn't have sewing experience, I would have been thoroughly confused. I'm glad I've been sewing for 30 years!

Last night, I finally finished everything. The zipper is added, the snaps are attached, and the hem is sewn. It's lovely!

Here's the front:
Finished Dress - Front

And here's the back:
Finished Dress - Back

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