Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sheep Shearing Day at Rising Meadows Farm in North Carolina

This past weekend, on Valentine's Day, I decided to go to a sheep shearing day with a friend. It took place at Rising Meadow Farm in Liberty, North Carolina. It was a wonderful day, and the weather was perfect!

We rode in her little Smart Car, and really enjoyed talking and looking at the scenery.
Brenda's Smart Car 2

When we got there, we went straight to the sheep barn to watch the shearing.
Me in the Sheep Stall

Brenda at Sheep Stall

Here are some of the sheep, waiting to be shorn:
Sheep Ready to be Sheared

More sheep:

Here's one of the sheep, about to be shorn by the master shearer. It just quietly let the shearer grab him, lay him down, and cut his hair without complaint.
Sheep Being Grabbed for Shearing

Here's the shearer, hard at work, giving the sheep a good haircut.
Shearing Sheep

Here's the sheep after his haircut.
Freshly Shorn Sheep

And here's the big fleece that came from that sheep.
Fleece Ready

We also saw a brown lamb being shorn. Once again, it was quiet and patient during the haircut.
Shearing Brown Sheep

There were severals bags of fleece, ready to be purchased. I think it was cool that they included
the name of the sheep each fleece came from.
Bags of Fleece

After watching the sheep shearing, we wandered over to the next field, and saw some alpaca or llama. (It's hard for me to tell the difference between those two animals.)
Alpacas or Llamas

They were so friendly, and would just walk right up to you. This one went straight to Brenda and stole her heart on Valentine's Day.
Brenda with Alpaca or Llama

I got a visit from that one as well. I think he liked the way my handknit alpaca wristwarmers smelled. :)
Me Smiling with Alpaca

After walking around the farm, we went into their little shop. I checked out the roving, to spin on my wheel at home. I decided to buy 4 balls of Corriedale in a light natural shade.
Me Choosing Roving

Brenda bought some of the handspun yarn the farm had prepared.
Handspun Yarn for Sale

After our long drive and walk, we were tired, so we sat down outside to eat the picnic lunch Brenda had prepared for us. Thanks Brenda!! Next, we drove to her place, to sit and knit for a while. It was a perfect way to end our day together.
Me and Brenda Knitting

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