Monday, February 27, 2006

Sandy's Wrist Warmers from Sock Yarn

Wrist Warmer #1 is complete!
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Sandy's Wrist-Warmers from Sock Yarn

Materials: 1 skein of Sock Yarn.
(I used Fortissima Colori Socka Color yarn, 50 gram ball.)
Size 2 double-point needles.
Size 2 straight needle for casting on.

Gauge: 30 stitches and 42 rows to 4 inches using a Stockinette Stitch on US Size 3 needles. (from the yarn wrapper)

With size 2 straight needle, cast on 64 stitches.
Divide stitches on 3 double point needles (20 sts on 2 needles, 24 sts on a third needle), join. Place a marker at the beginning of round.

Work in ribbing of k2, p2 for 3 inches.
Work in stockinette stitch (knit every round). Work 8 rounds even.
Next Round (Thumb Gusset) - Work to within 3 sts of marker at end of round, place another marker, inc in next st, k1, inc in last st.
Knit 2 rounds.
Next Round - Work to marker, inc in next st, knit to last st, inc in last st.
Knit 2 rounds.
Repeat last 3 rounds, working in same manner having 2 sts more between increases in thumb gusset until there are 21 sts in gusset (between markers).
Next Round - Work to marker, and place the remaining (gusset) stitches on a small holder or safety pin or thread.

Cast on 5 sts at the end of working needle, and join to beginning of round, skipping the thumb gusset.
Knit every row for 1 inch.
Bind off. Edge will roll.
(If you prefer, you can do ribbing instead for an even bind off edge.)

Place the 21 sts from holder on 2 needles.
Pick up and knit 5 or 6 sts from body of finished mitt.
Knit 1 round.
Next round - Knit even, knitting 2 sts together at the section where you picked up stitches earlier. This will help the thumb gusset lay nicely.
Knit every row for 1/2 inch. Bind off.
This edge will probably not roll since it's so small and fits nicely around the thumb.

You're done!


keith said...

Hi Sandy - I'm making these little beauties right now - but I'm just starting the thumb gusset and I'm not sure what "inc" means. Could you please clarify?

Thanks, Darcie

Shandeh said...

I hope you enjoy your wrist warmers when they are complete! I love mine, especially when playing piano on cold days.

"inc" means to increase. I believe I did a "Knit Front & Back" at that stitch.

Renee said...

I'd love to make these for my neices, they are 12 and 8. How would you suggest adapting this pattern for kids?