Monday, November 27, 2006

I lost my glasses!

I had a bit of an adventure today. I was going to just stay home and knit, but I was putting things away, and couldn't find my glasses!!!!!

I mean, I REALLY need my glasses, especially when I'm playing organ or piano at church. So, I went berserk. I was frantically searching EVERYWHERE.

Then, I started thinking and thought that maybe I left them at Showmars Restaurant yesterday when Marvin and I had lunch. So, I decided to run some errands, grabbed my shopping list, my purse, and ran out the door. I also grabbed my knitting bag, just in case I had time to stop by my cousin's yarn shop.

I had to squint my eyes to see the road and signs clearly, and I was getting a headache from the strain. I stopped at the post office to mail a letter for Marvin, then stopped at Peace of Yarn to grab a couple skeins of yarn I HAD to have. (They were rude this time. I guess I was under-dressed by their standards.) They didn't even offer to help when I was straining to read the color numbers and lot numbers on the yarn I was looking for. I only bought ONE skein, just for spite.

I got back in my car, and carefully drove to the restaurant, then went inside to ask if anyone had turned in some glasses. The girl at the counter didn't want to look for them. I almost had to BEG her. Finally, she grudgingly looked around the register, and said, "There's nothing here." I stood my ground, and told her that they are valuable glasses, costing about 250 dollars, and I can't afford to replace them. She then went to ask someone in the kitchen if they had seen any glasses turned in. Then, she looked where they indicated for "lost and found" items. Not there.

So, I left my name and number on a slip of paper, describing the glasses. (Gold rims - NICE) Boy, was I pissed. There I was, with no glasses, and the choir's Christmas musical will be coming up in just a couple weeks.

So, I drove straight to my eye doctor's office to order a new pair. It took about 45 minutes for me to look at glasses, and for them to try to get verification of coverage from my insurance company. They were never able to reach my insurance, so I was left with having to pay out of pocket. So I asked for the "thrift box" of frames. I chose a pair, and the lady marked them for my prescription. Then, I told them that I would try to confirm the insurance coverage myself, because they were closing.

What a rotten day. Here I was going to have to pay over 100 dollars for glasses, when we really need the money for our kid's Christmas. So, I called the insurance company...finally got through after holding FOREVER. The lady at the insurance place said that my coverage is fine, and she faxed a copy of it to the eye doctor for me. Next, I called the doctor's office again, and said that I will try to come back in tomorrow morning, so I can choose the glasses I really want, and hopefully get an appointment with my doctor to confirm that the prescription is accurate.

Whew! What a day so far!

Next, I stopped at KFC to grab a chicken pot pie, then went to the grocery store to grab a few things we needed. (Dove Hairspray was on sale for 2 bucks!)

When I got home, I carried in all the groceries, then took my dinner down the hall to the computer. After a quick trip to the bathroom, and washing my hands, I put away all the groceries, then fixed a glass of orange juice and grabbed a paper towel. Finally, I was able to relax at the computer and have my dinner. I reached over to pick up my PDA sitting on the printer, then noticed......


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abe-hap said...

Hi Sandy found your site through blog explosion, glad to see you found your glasses :) my mum doest the same thing *lol* always losing them ;)

I wass looking for spinning sites which lead me to yours - Ive been spinning for a little while too - I love it & just made my first handspun scarf which is a geat feeling.
Ok glad to find you - will check back to see what else youve been spinning