Friday, February 16, 2007

My Wish List

Sometimes, I like to dream of what I want for my birthday or Christmas. Other times, I forget what I dreamed about. :P

So, here is my list for my future reference.

Knit Picks "Options" knitting needle set.
Some soft Malabrigo wool yarn. (I like the colors Vaa, Forest, Bobby Blue, Emerald, and Cinnabar.)
Knit Picks "Essential" Sock Yarn, in sets of two skeins, in the colors Dusk, Navy, Black or Cocoa.
Knit Picks "Memories" Sock Yarn, in sets of two skeins, in the colors Redwood Forest, Yukon, Fly Fishing, or Cape Cod.
Knit Picks "Gloss" yarn, in the colors Dusk, Woodland Sage, Cocoa, or Black.
Knit Picks "Shadow" yarn, in the colors Sunset, Lost Lake, or Campfire.
This knitting pattern for a pretty cape.
"Big Girl Knits" knitting pattern book.Sally Melville's books
"The Knit Stitch" and "Color"
See the fall foliage in Pennsylvania.See the BIG mountains in Colorado.
Go to Scotland and Ireland and Hawaii.
Go to several beautiful art museums.
Meet Craig Ferguson.
Get a photo of Columbo, signed by Peter Falk. Or better yet, meet Peter Falk, and get him to sign the photo I already have!
Learn how to make a quilt, and work on it with a group.
See a Broadway play, preferably one with Nathan Lane in the cast.
See some historic homes, like Monticello.
Take art lessons, and learn to paint and draw.
Learn ballroom dancing with my husband.(I'll need to get my knee fixed first)
Go to a "fancy-schmancy" hotel with my husband, and get room service!
Go to the "behind the scenes" and the "candlelight" tour of the Biltmore Estate with my husband.
Ride the "gourmet dinner train" at the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad.


ellen said...

Hey Sandy--you can take that set of Denises off right now--you've got them from BEAR!!! What a nice lady she is!

unkoine said...

Isn't she the sweetest thing?!