Friday, November 11, 2005

My Sewing Memories

I'm changing gears and working on sewing for a while. My knitting is going along just fine. My embroidery is on hold for a little while. But, I have to do some sewing, because my husband's daughter is expecting a baby in February, and she needs some maternity clothes! Maternity clothes are so expensive, and you only wear them for a short time, so it makes sense to save all the money you can and make them yourself.

So, I bought about 4 maternity patterns that she liked, and now I'm working on the first item - a nice pink top with bell sleeves. The pattern is Simplicity 5106.

While working on the stitching, I started remembering all the sewing I've done in my life. I learned to sew in my 4-H club - The Willow Oak club in Union County. I can't remember the name of my leader, but she was very nice. She lived on a farm, and she showed other club members how to work with the animals. I had no interest in those things, but I loved cooking, sewing, and other household pursuits. She taught me how to sew a simple gingham skirt and kerchief, and then showed me how to add cross-stitch on the borders. It turned out so nice, and I really enjoyed wearing it for the annual 4-H fashion show. I was so proud.

My mother used to sew occasionally, but as I recall, she was not a very patient seamstress. She constantly complained about the sewing machine! I used to tell her to "just quit sewing and do something else!" My sister and I learned to hide in our rooms on the days she was sewing. We knew we would get screamed at if we uttered a sound.

My own experience with sewing was much more satisfying. Of course, my mother was always there if the bobbin got stuck or the needle broke. I was lucky that she was cushioning my catastrophes. Over the years, I continued sewing, and I haven't stopped yet. I purchased my own sewing machine, a Sears Kenmore 10 stitch model, right after I got married the first time. I was 20 years old then. When I got pregnant a year later, I took the machine out and started making maternity clothes.

I made several dresses and tops, and only had to buy pants. So it was definitely a cost-worthy endeavor. I was able to use those maternity clothes for all of my pregnancies! Here I am, wearing a simple plaid dress I sewed when I was pregnant with my second son, Noah. My first son, Josh is in my lap.

I occasionally made things for my boys to wear, but boys clothes are so simple and boring. I never made any pictures of them. Now, if I had girls, I would have happily made dresses and taken tons of pictures of those.

And now, for my great surprise - my step-daughter is expecting a girl! Yippee! Now, I can finally look forward to making frilly dresses and hats. I can't wait.

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