Friday, November 18, 2005

The Organ at My Church

Last night, I took some photos of the organ at my church to show where I spend my Sunday mornings. It's a decent size organ - a 3 manual Gallanti. It doesn't sound too bad for an electronic machine. : ) But, I do dream of playing a pipe organ. That would be awesome. I studied on a pipe organ in college, but I've never been hired by a church that owns one. At least I have experienced the pleasure of sitting at one and making my hair stand on end from the majestic sounds it creates.

I guess my most exciting pipe organ moment was taking a few lessons from Dan Miller on the Calvary Grand Organ. That was amazing. The organ itself was magnificent, and Dan was a real joy to meet. His playing is phenomenal, but he doesn't boast about it. He's a really cool guy.

I am so jealous of his long fingers and feet! He can play the keyboards and pedals so easily because of their reach. My fingers and feet are short, so it really limits my repertoire.

I'll be seeing my organ instructor, Dr. Andre Lash in a couple weeks. I've asked for his help on some pieces our church will be performing for Christmas. The Pergolesi "Magnificat" and "This Child, This King" by Daniel Gawthrop. Wish me luck!

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