Wednesday, September 16, 2009

He's B A C K........

Today, I needed to run some errands, so I grabbed my purse, and some other things, to carry them to the car. After opening the kitchen door, I was promptly accosted by the same black cat I saw a couple weeks ago. He was demanding food again. The nerve!!

So, I made sure I pulled the door shut so he wouldn't go into my house, then carried my stuff to the car. He must have thought I was coming out to feed him, because he quickly walked straight to the food dish I had placed outside for him on that earlier day. (Yes....I must admit I didn't bring it back in yet.)

I rolled my eyes, and announced to him that I am NOT his owner, so he can't expect me to feed him. I mean....REALLY...he can't just prance back into my life and demand my servitude. Unbelievable! Reminds me of some other male interactions in my past.

This time, I wanted to snap a photo of him, so I could PROVE that he is real. (One of my friends said that I must have imagined this cat - and likened me to Alice in Wonderland, with a "cheshire cat".) Ha!

Well, here you go, my friend. PROOF that it's a real cat.

Here he is defiantly claiming that he is my cat, and demanding food:
Black Cat

And here he is sniffing the bushes by my house, trying to charm me into thinking he's a gentle cat.
Black Cat Sniffing Bushes

Once again, showing his "true" nature, demanding attention and food with a wicked, cold stare.
Black Cat - The STARE

I'm not breaking down this time. I know his game now. He's not starving, and he hasn't lost his way. He's just out to take advantage of me again.....MEN!!


Aura said...

If he or she is sniffing the bushes, it means he might be marking territory. Stand your ground and don't feed him or he'll never go away. He's just passing by and remembers you gave him/her tuna the other day. I have to say, the cat is kind of cute. I have enjoyed very much reading the sequel to the cat story. We have not had a stray come by our house in a long time. I do own a kitty, Carla. This is a one cat household.

Quilt Works said...

He is such a pretty cat! He looks like is dressed in a tux and dressed up for a ball!

Shandeh said...

Thanks for the insight, Aura! I've never had a cat, so I don't understand their nature at all. Glad you liked the story! :)

Quilt Works, I agree - he IS beautiful!