Monday, June 06, 2005

My fingers are knitting when they aren't playing music!

I got in a few rows of an afghan square at the church service yesterday morning. I always try to carry my knitting bag with me to church every week. When I'm finished playing the organ, and the preacher is delivering his sermon, I grab my bag and fish out a small project to keep my hands busy. I just can't stand to sit there with nothing to do.

I'm not being a bad girl....really! I mean, I've been a church musician now for 25 years, so I think I've heard PLENTY of good sermons. A lot of topics have been preached on so many times over the years, that I feel like I could get up at the pulpit and deliver the sermon myself. So, instead of sitting there twiddling my thumbs, I put yarn and needles in my hands!

The square I was knitting at church is for an afghan our charity knitting group is working on. I'm making my squares with moss stitch so they will add a little contrast and texture to the afghan. I'm looking forward to seeing that afghan all put together.

Now, I'm itching to complete some of my current projects so that I can make something new. The other day, I had a few minutes to spare, so I stopped at Walmart just to look at the yarn. They had a new eyelash yarn that was SUPER soft! I just had to buy a skein. I'm going to use it for MYSELF this time. I usually always end up selling or giving away everything I knit. I also bought a skein of Lion Brand Chenille Sensations. I've never tried it before.

At first, I was going to use both yarns together to make a scarf for myself. But the chenille was worming loose all through the stitches of course. (I knew that would happen, but wanted to try it and see anyway.) So, I have decided to make two separate scarves with each yarn. They will both be for ME! The colors are beautiful: deep teals, blues, violets, emerald green. I can't wait to see them wrapped around my neck with my red hair and teal eyes. Should be nice!

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