Friday, June 03, 2005

Selling and Buying on eBay!

I wonder how long it's gonna be raining? I really don't mind, since I'm a home body anyway. I just keep knitting and spinning and working on my needlepoint. I love the sound of rain on the long as it's not leaking through my ceiling. : )

I just got a great package in the mail today from an eBay auction win. Here's the link: It had all kinds of cool stuff! The picture in the auction does not do a very good job of showing the items.

There is a very nice crewel stitchery kit of flying ducks. I can't wait to see that when it's finished! It might take me a year to complete, but it will be worth it, I'm sure. There are also some counted cross stitch Christmas placemats. If I get the initiative, I'll make those for my mom. I hate to do cross-stitch, because my vision has gotten so bad. But, if the pattern is big enough, I'll be able to handle it.

There were also two knitting booklets for making baby afghans and baby outfits. I really need those, because I've recently started doing charity knitting. The other ladies at the group will want to borrow those books! The main thing that was pictured in the auction is a book of Christmas cross-stitch patterns. I don't know if I'll ever use them because of my vision, but I'll either decide to keep it, or sell it on eBay myself - closer to Christmas.

So, as you can see, that auction was a great deal! I paid about $12.00, including shipping. The crewel embroidery kit alone would have cost more than that in a craft store!

I've been lucky listing a few things on eBay. For example: I went to a thrift store the other day and picked up a few needlepoint kits for about a dollar each. I listed them on eBay, and made about 80 dollars! That was a shock! Sometimes, you just get lucky on eBay, you know? There have been other times that I haven't made a dime on a listing.

Once, I was in a bookstore, and came across a bunch of Suss Poncho Knitting Kits that were priced at $30 each. I thought, "Those will never sell in a bookstore". So, about a month later, I went back, and they were all still there at 75% off! So I bought as many of them as I could afford. They each had 8 skeins of cotton yarn, size 9 bamboo knitting needles and G crochet hooks, so they were definitely worth the money. I don't think they were worth $30, but they were reasonable for 75% off.

I'm using the yarn to make towel and dishcloth sets, which I sell at a local antiques store for about $6.00 a set. I'm selling the bamboo needles for $5.00 a set. I listed the patterns for auction on eBay, and they sold for $6.00. So, I've made back the money I put into them, plus some extra!

If you ever want to look for needlepoint kits on eBay, here's a link:

Here's a link for finding spinning supplies:

Here's one for knitting stuff:

I look in those 3 places EVERY DAY! Sometimes, you can find some really great deals. I've been blessed so far.

If you're into other crafts, here's a link to all eBay craft auctions:

My husband is into military stuff, so he always searched eBay along those lines. He should have gone into the Navy, because he lives and breathes military. It was his original plan to be in the Navy, but for some reason he had to change his mind. I think his first wife was pregnant or something. Now, he's 43 and he dreams about what his life would have been. He watches JAG and any other naval show that comes on tv. Whenever I see a naval show on the Discovery Channel or A&E or the National Geographic Channel, I yell, "Marvin, your show is on!" He'll say, "What channel?" We have too many tvs: One in the living room, and one in each bedroom. I mean, we have a small house, and these tvs just take up too much space. :P

I've been tempted to put a tv in the kitchen, but I think I'll try to survive without it. I would like to have a computer in there, though, so I could use recipes from the internet without having to print them out. Our society has changed so much, you know. You don't need a cookbook anymore, or a phone book, or an encyclopedia. You don't need newspapers or magazines either, really. Everything is on the internet.

I mean, I could live in a cabin in the mountains with my spinning wheel for the rest of my life if I wanted. All I'd need is a connection to the internet and a good strong mailman. : )

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