Monday, June 13, 2005

Starting to Sell Knitted Items

Today is my first day of selling to the general public in a local antiques store. I had noticed the store as I was driving by a couple months ago, and told my husband about it. We decided to check it out, since we are always going to antiques and consignment stores. This one is kind of a combination of both. There are a few antiques here and there, but mostly new items.

We noticed that a few of the bookshelf units were empty, so we inquired about how to rent one. The fee was not that bad, so we decided to give it a try. I spent the last 3 weeks choosing items to sell, and pricing them. That in itself is a huge undertaking. I've also made a list of each item so that I can keep track of our inventory.

I have decided to try selling some knitted items that I make. Hand-knitted items just DON'T sell on eBay. I learned that very quickly. But they sell very well by word of mouth. I've sold several hat and scarf sets to friends of my mother and husband. So, now I'm going to try this venue.

My plan is to sell fuzzy flip flops and kitchen towel sets during the summer, then switch over to scarves and hats in the winter. I'll also be selling other odds and ends from around the house.

I've added a photo at the top of the page that shows a couple shelves of knitted items and knitting supplies from my display. Wish me luck!

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