Thursday, October 13, 2005

Christmas Knitting

Since I have a craft room now, I MUST make myself do plenty of crafts for Christmas. My church usually has a craft bazaar, so I'm trying to make some things for that. See that huge box full of Christmas yarn? I have no excuse - I must be knitting. : )

I've made LOTS of scarves now, so at least I've gotten one thing accomplished. Hopefully, they'll all sell at the Christmas bazaar. I usually charge 15 to 20 dollars for each scarf. It was fun to make them the color I want, instead of trying to match a color request from a customer.
They'll say something like, "I want Vanilla, with Gold Flecks." So, I'll try several different combinations until I get it to look like what they asked for. It's a real pain sometimes, like when I had someone ask for a scarf with "purple, red, and yellow for my daughter". It took FOREVER to make a good combination with THOSE colors! Gladly, my customer was thrilled with the results, so I guess I got it right.

I've also been making some embroidered Christmas cards. I'm not sure if I want to sell those. I might decide to use them myself!

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