Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Excitement in Sandy's Craft Room

I know, craft work doesn't sound exciting to you, but it is to me! If you've read other entries in my blog, you'll know that I spent quite a bit of time getting this craft room ready. After sorting crafts, choosing furniture, painting the walls (yech!), and setting it up, I am more than deserving to enjoy my craft room as much as I like.

A few nights ago, I made my little door decoration of a sheep saying, "Don't BAAAAAther me" from a t-shirt I got on eBay. The t-shirt is a size medium, and I am a few sizes bigger than that, so I can't imagine that I would ever be able to wear it. So, I cut out the design on the front, cut a similar sized piece from the back, but quilt batting between the layers, and sewed them together. Next, I added sequins and beads on the stars to make them twinkle. Then, I added a pretty lace border on the sides. Now, it is hanging on my craft room door, warning intruders to stay away. It sure is nice to have a sanctuary from the chaos.

Speaking of chaos, I think my craft room is beginning to fall into that category as well. lol

A-crafting I will go....A-crafting I will go.....Heigh Ho the Dairy Oh......A-crafting I will go!

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