Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why are Disasters "blamed" on the Government?

I tell you....I am so sick of hearing everyone cast blame on the establishment for the effects of disasters. I mean, it's called a "disaster" for a reason. If it was easy to fix, it would be called a "little problem".

Take Hurricane Katrina, for instance. I feel sorry for the plight of the people that endured that tragedy. I even gave money to The United Way to support the rebuilding of that area. But, it just amazed me to see everyone blaming the government for the way things turned out. Don't get me wrong.....I'm not downplaying the extent of the disaster. As I said before, it's called "disaster" for a reason. Utter turmoil and confusion go hand in hand with events such as these.

But why in the world did we expect it to all be fixed the very next day? This was a disaster unlike anything we had ever experienced before. No one knew how bad it would be. No one could have known. I would go so far as to say that if we HAD known, we STILL wouldn't have been able to handle it.

The crux of the problem was the fact that many of those people chose to stay instead of evacuating. They usually stick it out through these hurricanes, so they expected to do the same this time. But, when things went wrong, they started blaming everyone else! The disaster would not have been as bad if they had left before the storm. That's the real problem. People should not live under sea level in the path of hurricanes. It's just not smart.

Another thing....our society has gotten to the point that we expect everything to be fixed immediately if things go wrong. We watch movies and see tragedy corrected in a well-planned manner by the heroes of the story. We see soldiers and government officials and muscular civilians being "super heroes" in the face of disaster. Everything turns out perfectly in the movies.

Our society has developed a mindset that our real world functions the same way. Well, it doesn't. We are all human, including the government officials and soldiers and muscular civilians. I wouldn't expect any one of you to handle Hurricane Katrina any better than it was handled. Get real. There is no such thing as a real Rambo. Sure, there are brave men and women who overcome tremendous obstacles and live to tell the tale. But even if you combined all of them, they wouldn't have been able to fix Hurricane Katrina either. They would have all been crying like babies and wading through the waters too.

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