Saturday, October 15, 2005

Here's my little teapot!

In order to avoid burning down my house, I have had to purchase a new tea kettle.

My very first teapot was beautiful, shiny, and copper. It was a gift from a sweet lady at my first wedding. The teapot was beautiful, and sat on our counter for about 2 years. Then, I had my first child, Joshua. He was a sweet quiet baby, but a little taxing sometimes (I later found out that he was autistic). So, one day when I was feeling a bit tired, I decided to try out my beautiful teapot and make a nice cup of hot tea. It was enjoyable, and helped me to relax.

Thereafter, I often would set the kettle boiling and make tea to help me make it through the day. Especially after my second was born (Noah). He was quite different from Josh in every aspect. Loud, silly, and fun-loving. He's still the same today. : )

One evening, I put the teapot on the stove, then went upstairs to change diapers, brush teeth, wash faces, read bedtime stories, etc. I completely forgot about the teapot, and discovered its charred remains the next morning. I was devastated, because it was such a beautiful pot - and I didn't have the money to replace it.

Over the years, I have bought other teapots and ruined them all. Bummer. I guess their whistle wasn't insistent enough for my hearing. So, I quit buying teapots, and just boiled water on the stove in a small saucepan. Big mistake. Now I have sent several small saucepans to an early grave.

After burning my last tiny metal saucepan (which was a nice pot from a set I received as a gift from my mother), I resolved to find a teapot with a good strong whistle that I could afford.

I chose Target as my target for a new teapot. Slowly and carefully, I perused the small aisles of kitchen appliances until I spotted the cheap teapots on the bottom shelf. I wasn't willing to pay more than 20 dollars for a pot I might end up burning. Luckily for me, Copco manufactured a small teapot (1.5 quart capacity) , and the best part was the price - 10 dollars! Well, I snatched up that puppy, and headed for the register.

Here is a photo that looks quite similar to it:

Cute, huh? I was pleased. I read the instruction leaflet in the box, just for fun. I was surprised to read that you should never turn the burner to high. You should only use a low or medium setting.

Well, I tried that out, and 10 minutes later, the water was not whistle or anything. So, I decided to forego the instructions and turn that bad boy up. Success! It was boiling and whistling like a steam train in about a minute. I walked down the hall to see if I could hear it from all reaches of the house. Being satisfied with the quality of whistle tone, I went back to make myself a cup of tea. It was excellent.

So now, I think I have finally found my perfect teapot. Unbelievable after so many years of burning metal.

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