Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blue Painter's Tape Addiction

My body has staged a revolt. Every bone and muscle is creaking and aching - even in spots that I didn't know I had muscles! My right side has also developed a sharp pain that concerns me. It hurts most when I'm in the bathroom. My husband said that I probably pulled something, but I don't think it's a muscular pain. It feels like deep internal pain. With my luck, I'll end up in the hospital getting my appendix removed! Hopefully, it's just trapped gas. : )

I haven't painted the pink in the craft room yet. After I finished teaching piano lessons last night, I came straight home and was ready to go to bed. But, I wanted to heat up Marvin's dinner first. So, I pried my eyes open and splashed water on my face, then grabbed the plate out of the fridge. (I brought home leftovers from the Spanish dinner, because I knew I wouldn't feel like cooking.)

I heated up the pork chop, onions, rice and black beans on the stove top. Then I grabbed a muffin pan, and put the yucca and plantain in those little muffin spots. I put them in the oven to warm. I made myself stay awake by playing Literati on yahoo! (I love to play that - it's just like Scrabble.) Then, when Marvin got home, I kissed his cheek, gave him his dinner, then walked my body to the bed to crash.

Incredibly, I couldn't sleep. I just tossed and turned. I think I was too tired and sore to be able to relax. So, I got back up, took one of the "nighttime" arthritis pills my doctor prescribed, along with the vitamins I forgot to take today, grabbed a large glass of water, and sat on the sofa with Marvin. We watched a little of the INXS Rock Star show. (I think the blond guy is gonna win. I told Marvin about a month ago that I pick him. I think that INXS is just keeping the others around for entertainment. lol)

When that was over, Marvin wanted to watch some "girlie" shows. (I hate watching those stupid things.) They're not x-rated, they're just reality shows that come on network tv. I call them "girlie" shows, because most of the time you see girls walking around with uber-revealing outfits, acting like idiots. I prefer PBS, HGTV, Court TV, History Channel, Discovery, or A&E. I know - BORING - but I would rather watch something that's good for my brain. That other mindless dribble just makes me sit there and shake my head. I will watch some prime time sitcoms with Marvin, because we relate to most of them. We'll laugh together and point fingers at each other as we watch.

So, as Marvin flipped through the "girlie" shows, I went down the hall to get ready for bed AGAIN. When I got to the craft room, I just HAD to open it and dream again. All the peach paint is finished, you know. I looked at it and imagined how it will look with pink paint at the bottom, and smiled. The neighbors probably think I'm a crazy woman - there are no blinds or curtains on the windows right now. Without further hesitation, I went down the hall and grabbed the blue painter's tape so I could mark the no-paint zones. (I know....I'm sore and tired...but this one little thing won't kill me.) I grabbed my long yardstick (it's actually longer than a yard - lol) and measured 40.25 inches up from the floor at strategic points around the room. Then, I yelled "Marvin! Can you help me a minute?" He whined, "What?!" He always hates it when I ask him to do ANYTHING.

With Marvin grudgingly holding one end of blue tape on the wall, I stretched it out tight and attached it to the wall very straight. He moaned and complained the whole time, while I said, "It will only take a couple minutes!" He is such a big baby sometimes. He said, "You always start these projects when I'm ready to go to bed." He has a point there.....

4 minutes later, the blue tape was on all four walls, and Marvin was in bed. (See, I said it wouldn't take long!) 1 minute later, He was reading the second Harry Potter book through his closed eyelids, so I gently pried the book from his hands and turned out the lamp. (I have to do that every night.) I turned on the ceiling fan, and went to the computer. Checked my ebay, my email, and my yahoo groups. Then, I played one game of Literati - I'm addicted to that game.

The magnetic pull of the craft room was in full force, so I went in there again. I decided to go ahead and put tape on all the trim so my pink painting would be easy. It took about an hour to get it all done, and I'm glad I did it. Now, all that's left is actually applying the pink paint! Yes, I was tempted to go ahead and paint, but I made myself go to bed. It was about 12:30 a.m., which is early for me!

Apparently, my body needed LOTS of rest, because I woke up at 12 noon today! I slept over 11 hours straight!

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