Friday, September 16, 2005

Think Pink

ACHOO! Bless Me! Once again, I'm sneezing up a storm from the paint fumes. I knocked out the pink painting last night, and it went pretty fast! I was in bed by 1:30 - I must be getting good at this painting thing.

The photo above of the pink paint doesn't really show the actual color. I took it while the room was still dark this morning at 6 a.m. (The overhead light must have a lot of yellow in it!) The other photos show the disaster in the rest of the house. The picture of the "packed" room is where I've had to store all the stuff from the craft room while painting. The overflow and painting supplies are in the second room - our living room, which ain't really "livable" right now. You can see my spinning wheel there by the door!

It will make a HUGE difference when the craft room is ready for furniture and all those crafts. Our entire house will be transformed. I'm ready for the transformation!

Today, after the pink paint completely dries, I'll be painting the windows, doors, and trim. I don't like to paint doors, but they were painted already, so I have to change the color now. I'm using a nice creamy white called "Cookies and Cream". It should look great when it's done. Maybe I'll take a photo with a better camera for the end result. (I should be able to find it when all that stuff is put away. lol)

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