Wednesday, September 28, 2005

God Bless My Craft Room

A couple weeks ago, I finished my "God Bless My Home" crewel project. I just didn't have time to post it, because I was so busy painting and setting up my craft room. Can you believe I finished it? It only took about 20 years. lol

It's nice to have that finished, because it's been hanging over my head forever. I was just always setting it aside, because I was so busy working full-time and being a single mother. Now that I'm doing music full-time instead, I've got lots more time to put into it. Also, my health condition has kept me from getting out of the house as much as I used to. Since I'm home, may as well put myself to good use in my craft room!

I've been busy making Christmas crafts now, getting ready for our church's Christmas Craft Bazaar. My mom is going to come also, so it should be a good way for us to spend some time together. Maybe she'll actually be nice to me, and not criticize me for my weight, my house, my kids, or whatever else comes to her mind. I tell you.....that woman.

My first Christmas craft was a felt stocking with a reindeer on it. Last night, I made a Christmas Bell, and started making a Christmas Hat. I've got a folder full of ideas of things to make for that bazaar. After the bazaar is over, I've got to get to work on Christmas gifts! I guess I'll be making scarves, hats and dishcloths again. They are quick and fun gifts to make.

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