Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Choosing Curtains for my Craft Room

Since I'm taking a break from painting today, I decided to look for some curtains on eBay for my craft room. The peach and pink paint already lends itself to femininity, so I'm going to go romantic all the way. I want to have frilly flowered curtains.

Right away, I found a couple auctions that I wanted to win. I bid on one of them, but I've already been outbid. Those curtains are so pretty, and the colors are perfect for the craft room. (Second picture at the top of the blog) Too bad I got bid out - maybe I'll decide to pay more than I originally planned. The other set I like is here: (First picture at top of blog). I'm still winning that auction, so time will tell which curtains will be mine.

Depending on which set of curtains I win, I'll need to get sheers or shades to go under them. I really like shades, but they are such a pain to install. Maybe I can get my step-dad to do it for me.

It's nice to have a day to relax today. I started off the day (when I woke up at NOON!) by taking my thyroid medicine, and making a nice cup of hot tea (Tazo Chai). Now, I'm on my second cup, and am thoroughly relaxed. My breakfast was a very unhealthy piece of red velvet cake. (I made it a couple days ago to use as emergency snack food during my painting extravaganza.) It was yummy.

I have a couple hours left now before I teach piano and voice lessons at 4:30, so I think I'll play Sims 2 on the computer. That would be nice. Hey - I know! I can make a house on the Sims and use one room as a model for my craft room! Cool! Maybe I'll put a screenshot here to show you what I make. Fun, fun!

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