Friday, September 30, 2005

Getting Ready for Choir Retreat

Today is a busy day. In fact this whole week has been crazy. Tuesday, I taught piano lessons as usual. Wednesday, I had to cancel lessons because I was playing piano for a men's quartet that was performing in Charlotte. Last night (Thursday) I had a piano lesson and two choir rehearsals. I also had to practice my music for Sunday's service.

And now....back to today. Our church choir is going on a retreat tonight, and since I'm the accompanist, I'll be going as well. (They can't very well practice without me!) We'll be looking at music for Christmas as well as preparing for upcoming performances in the fall. Since the piano at the retreat center is in bad shape, I'll be taking my keyboard. I'll have to take an amp from the church as well, because I'm not sure if my keyboard will have enough volume to fill up the rehearsal room. So, that's two huge items for travel. With my luggage and knitting bag, I'll be lucky if I fit in my car to drive it! (My car is pretty small.)

In addition to getting ready for the retreat, I have some things to take care of at home as well. Getting the house in order will be my first priority. Then, I'll be paying some bills, taking some things to our storage unit, and stopping by the music store to pick up some sheet music.

I made the mistake of listing the wrong title in the bulletin for this Sunday, so I have to go and purchase the title I listed! I put "Simple Gifts" as the prelude, but it's actually "Ash Grove". I'm always getting those two tunes mixed up in my silly head. The bad part is I don't even HAVE a rendition of "Simple Gifts"! So, after I find a piano or organ version of that tune, I'll be ready to go to church.

We'll only be staying at the retreat center for one night, so I shouldn't miss Marvin too bad. But, it will be difficult to sleep without him. I don't know who my roomie will be, but I hope they can put up with my knitting late at night.

Poor Marvin is working late tonight's month-end. He works for Chick-Fil-A as a manager, and he always has tons of work to do at the end of each month. Inventory, reports, etc. So, he'll be getting home late. He is planning on getting his kids this weekend, but I'm not sure if he'll get them tonight or tomorrow. So, that means, I have to do extra work at home to get the house ready for all those sleepers, just in case they come tonight.

I hope he waits until tomorrow to get them. That way, I can be here to help everyone get settled in a place to sleep. I'd hate to see what would happen tonight if I am not here. They'll probably destroy everything in the house looking for blankets and pillows. I have them stacked in a room of the house, but for some reason they can't see them. Strange.

I am looking forward to the choir retreat, though. It should be nice and relaxing. After we practice tonight, we'll stay up and play games and spend time together. Tomorrow, we'll have breakfast, practice some more, have lunch, practice again, then we'll be performing for a Catholic church service in the evening. I've never been to a full Catholic service before, so it should be interesting. I've been to a Catholic funeral, and I've even been the organist for a Catholic wedding. Now, the circle will be complete. : )

Monday is looking better and better. That will be a WONDERFUL day of relaxing. I REFUSE to do anything that day!

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