Monday, September 12, 2005

Choosing Paint Colors for My Craft Room

Another day, another idea...... I spent most of last night prepping my walls for painting in my future craft room. Scraping and sanding imperfections on the walls took about an hour. When that was done, I cleaned off all the dust with a dust mop. Then, I got out the drywall spackle and filled in the holes, which took another hour. The hardest part of the process was climbing up and down that dadblasted ladder. My feet were killing me when I was done. (Maybe next time, I'll wear shoes! lol)

About 8 months ago, I purchased paint for this room, then bought a different color about 4 months after that. (I'm a woman all right - can't make up my mind!) One can is pink (Arizona Sunrise), and the other is peach (Peaches N' Cream). I opened them up, did my best to mix the separated contents with a stick, then slathered some of each of them on the wall.

Then, I began the painstaking ordeal of choosing which color to use. At 3 a.m., Marvin was taking a nocturnal stroll to the toilet, so I grabbed him on the way back to bed and showed him the colors to get his opinion. Peering through half-open eyes, he said, "They both look like feminine colors to me", then walked away. Big help.

What a dilemma. I HAD to pick a color for that room! Before Marvin could get back to sleep, I snuck into our bedroom, and looked for my Big Box of Crayola crayons. (Yes, I have a secret I compared them to the paint samples on the wall and chose two that were a close match. Then I picked crayons to match the red chest of drawers, the beige desk, and the dark brown tower cabinets. I got a piece of paper, and made blocks with the red, beige and dark brown to represent my craft room furniture. Then I colored around them with pink, then with peach. They both looked good, so I still didn't know which color to choose. I decided to sleep on it....after all, it was 4 a.m.

About 7:45 this morning, after "power-napping", I walked into the room and had a revelation. I'll use BOTH colors! If I paint the short walls pink and the long walls peach, it will look very feminine, fresh, and pretty. I mean, I could do the "Debbie Travis" thing and make blocks or diamonds on the wall, but let's be reasonable. If I did that, I would be discussing the completion of this project in 2007. Also, with no "off-camera help", my arthritic frame would wind up lying in a hospital bed!

I guess I could manage one single stripe around the room to look a bit like a chair rail. That doesn't sound too intimidating. I could use the alternate color on each wall. A pink stripe on the peach wall and a peach stripe on the pink wall. That would be neat.

So, now I have a plan. Yippee!

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